Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now It'll All Be Better

The biggest problem the city faces today? Not Road Home sluggishness, not murder or domestic violence or public transportation or affordable housing but parking fines!

N.O. parking violators face crackdown

In New Orleans, motorists who have failed to pay their parking tickets will have their cars booted in greater numbers, predicts a city administrator, who also foresees a doubling of the number of vehicles hauled away for blocking driveways and violating other parking rules.

And in the spring, Public Works Director Robert Mendoza said, the city may start installing traffic cameras, which will enable automated ticketing of speeders and other law-breaking motorists.

"It's on my wish list," he said.

I wish our city officials would spend some time creating or promoting ways to help its citizens rebuild and move home rather than finding new ways to squeeze money out of us.


Anonymous slate said...

I saw that too and could only shake my head. On another note, they are doing parking ticket amnesty between 11/15-11/30. The deal is that you can pay the original face value of the ticket if you pay during that two weeks, rather than pay what the ticket is now valued at with fines attached.

For me, and any of us who live in or near the Quarter, this is great. I ran to my glove compartment, yanked out the four tickets in there, went to the website to check on them. It said they would cost me $340.00 (oh yeah, and one of them was pre-Katrina!) If I do the amnesty it should cost me 85 bucks, so hurray for that. It will leave me with a little more to pay down the Entergy bill.

But you're right about priorities being screwy. I'm not sure how booting and towing cars away from people who have to pick up kids, go to work, etc. is going to help anything.

Wed Nov 08, 11:44:00 AM  
Blogger brownfemipower said...

I saw a documentary on katrina that said that parking/speeding violations are what pay for public defenders--and without anybody in no's to pull over and penalize, they only have the money to pay three public defenders or something horrible like that. it almost makes you want to get pulled over to make sure people have a public defender you know?

what bullshit.

Wed Nov 08, 11:24:00 PM  
Blogger Professor Zero said...

BFP, I know. Isn't it amazing? When there was still that famous speed trap on I-10 at LaPlace, I used to get caught during my commute, 'all the time' (well, not that often, but often enough). I would think OK, I am at least making a charitable contribution to the public defender's office.

GB, this is OT but: in your opinion, which are the best organizations in N.O. to put in one's will? I do not expect to die for another 40-50 years, however, if I do, and if I do not leave a will, my family, who did well for themselves out of the hurricanes while refusing to work with evacuees (an M.D., refusing), will get my stuff, and I want to prevent this. Ergo, I need a charitable organization, or three.

Thu Nov 09, 01:57:00 PM  
Blogger Professor Zero said...

p.s. gossip, BFP: on those LaPlace tickets: that's St. John Parish, or as they like to say, St. John THE BAPTIST Parish, so I don't know where the $$ really went. However, thinking that was how I calmed my nerves, so that I would not be fuming too much by the time I got to class.

Thu Nov 09, 02:00:00 PM  

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