Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Allies and More Bad Writing Than You Can Shake Your Laptop At

Someone I heard speak recently reminded me why I didn't vote for Nagin either time he ran for mayor and why I was baffled at the amount of black support he gained--his principal allies were white conservatives/Republicans, a significant number of whom are anti-Landrieu "on principle" (i.e. because he integrated City Hall), not a group usually invested in the wants, needs or pains of black communities (or the middle class of whatever race/group). Strange fucking allies. Explains his second term. They're all still rich and set to get richer.

Midterm pains are here. Being in a building has decreased some of the chaos. I probably need to distribute Dear University Student and Dear University Student #19. I'm too burned out to think of numbers 20-25 today. I have them in me but there's no time and my ability to create coherent sentences has been compromised by way too much grading.


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