Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Duck Crosses the Street Grammar Review

Underline the noun phrases (NPs) in the following sentences. Indicate the head of the NP with “H” and state the NPs’ functions in each sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, inverted indirect object, subject or object complement).

  1. "Only a foolish, overconfident rapist would enter the room of his victim, not knowing if she would shout or scream," he said.

  2. He also said he found the woman's actions inconsistent with those of a real rape victim.

  3. She didn't call anyone after the alleged attack, he said

  4. She didn't shower.

  5. And van der Merwe said he didn't believe her account that she "froze" when she discovered Zuma assaulting her.

Which of any of the above are: gerundive noun phrases? Infinitival noun phrases?

Identify all determiners (D), predeterminers (PD) and postdeterminers (POD) in the NPs above.

Source for sentences:
South African Judge Clears Zuma of Rape

Bonus: Identify all NPs, the determiner system and functions of the noun phrases in the following:

  • The accuser was heckled as she arrived for court hearings, Zuma supporters burned her photograph outside the courtroom and aggressive cross-examination about her sexual history prompted concern that other women will be deterred from reporting rape.
Source: Zuma Apologizes for having Unprotected Sex


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I wish I could take this test and be sure I had the right answers. I will have to work on it ;-).

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