Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Plan Against Plan B

From Susie Bright's Journal, a link to P.Z. Meyers' Why the wingnuts hate Plan B. It's thorough, brilliant and should be mandatory reading. His site, Pharyngula, is damn good, too, if you're the 'godless liberal' type who's not afraid to learn some science and new terms. A teaser:

This is an issue on which we can completely ignore any assertion that life begins at fertilization (which I personally find absurd), because it's irrelevant: fertilization doesn't take place. No zygote, no fetus, no embryo, no babies. The claim that this argument is about the life of a baby is null and void, and the opposition to Plan B makes it glaringly, brilliantly clear that this isn't about the sanctity of life at all: it's all about controlling a woman's ovaries. She will not be allowed to tamper with the timing of ovulation.


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