Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Another week. I've reported to work and have an office in a building this time with a wood door and multiple file drawers. I will not expect more. That usually leads to neurotic excessive drinking. (Though I do not think, unlike many of my colleagues, that it is too much to expect an employer to provide the basics for employees to function--in our case, desks, chairs, paper, Internet access, functioning bathrooms, to name a few.)

I have finished Disaster: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security and seen a little over half of When the Levees Broke (I had to stop at the montage of waterlogged dead bodies). I will finish it this week or weekend; so far, I am impressed with what for Spike Lee is restraint.

Dambala has a link to a petition to recall Mayor Nagin. As much as I am into that, I wonder how it gibes with this post from Ashley Morris about the near impossibility of recalling a NO mayor. It's worth a try.

Dambala's "Ain't That America" is brilliant. Read it NOW.

In general, go read Schroeder. He's been hitting it hard and admirably for quite some time--"Are NOPD Commanders Talking to Homicide Detectives?" "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," "Eddie Jordan is a Big Cry Baby!" and especially "New Orleans, 1 A. K."


Blogger Schroeder said...

Oh crap! When people start linking to me, I have to start behaving!

Funny you should bring up the recall thing. I was trying to remember who wrote the post about how difficult it would be, and was poking around trying to figure out how to do it.

I'll still have some remarks (I hope, time permitting) about Nagin in an upcoming post.

I still think we ought to start a significant recall movement to make the message clear that, under other circumstances, we'd probably put the bastard in stocks, and tar and feather him for being such an ignoramus.

Tue Sep 05, 06:32:00 PM  
Blogger G Bitch said...

Don't you dare behave! And go ahead and say "shit" next time--this is the G Bitch Spot.

I can't wait for your Nagin remarks. I'm a little out of the loop, working on some other things (like work).

Even with the impossibility, I'm all for it and jumped on it without reading first. I'm sick of his absence, flip-flopping, lies, gaps in knowledge and concern and capacity......Yeah, uh-huh.

Tue Sep 05, 07:36:00 PM  
Blogger Schroeder said...

Sometimes the innocence of a word has more impact than a common swear. This I learned from my dad who has on occasion been heard cursing such ear-bleeding expressions as "Oh crumb!" This would cause everyone to blush, for he was never heard to speak in anger, and that was about as bad as it got.

Anyway, yeah, I should know better.

Tue Sep 05, 10:59:00 PM  
Blogger G Bitch said...

The mildest thing my father used to say (and still says) is "shit." Guess it's clear where I get it from.

"Talk" any way you want, honey chile. I rely on your wise citizen journalism.

Wed Sep 06, 07:53:00 AM  
Blogger G Bitch said...

I'm sorrry--I meant "wise-ass."

Tue Sep 12, 08:04:00 PM  

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