Friday, July 28, 2006


This is down the street from my house:

About a month ago, this house had a crew of Spanish-speaking workers (some but not all are Mexican; I hear a lot of "guey" in the stores and on the bus) tearing off the damaged roof and piling it on the sidewalk like this. Two days later a FEMA contractor team closed off the block, covered their noses and mouths and took away the roof tiles in a closed dumpsster--asbestos tiles. About a month before, a house 1 door down from us had its roof worked on, again by Spanish-speaking workers who worked 10+-hour days every single day of the week, and a day later a FEMA contractor team came by in white suits to take those roof tiles away in a closed dumpster---also asbestos.

This includes none of the roofing but most of the interior of the decrepit house (scary pre-Katrina). The pile has been there for over a week. And the workers that ripped it all out and piled it there haven't been here since. Today, a stench began in the block, either from this pile (rained on daily) or the refrigerators on the curb around the corner. Cough. Cough, cough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm glad someone is looking out for those already exploited workers...

Fri Aug 04, 02:05:00 AM  

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