Friday, April 28, 2006

Swooning Lady and Pseudo-Curry

Am I just a bitch or does it not make sense why the plagiarized author has had a 'difficult' time?

"In the case of Kaavya Viswanathan's plagiarizing of my novels 'Sloppy Firsts' and 'Second Helpings,' " she [Megan McCafferty] said, "I wish to inform all of the parties involved that I am not seeking restitution in any form.

"The past few weeks have been very difficult, and I am most grateful to my readers for offering continual support, and for reminding me what Jessica Darling means to both them and to me. In my career, I am, first and foremost, a writer. So I look forward to getting back to work and moving on, and hope Ms. Viswanathan can, too."

Viswanathan plagiarizes BOTH of McCafferty's cutely-titled books, is smeared across the Internet and New York Times, has her books pulled from stores but McCafferty, who suddenly has her 15 minutes, is the one suffering? With this kind of free publicity for a book of mine, I'd need Xanax just to stop laughing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Definitely Not a Hug

Lucky I got this black person to lean on.

More than likely, he just leaned, no thinking. Still.

Tweedle Dumb, Tweedle Stupid

My state proudly hopes to join South Dakota by banning nearly all abortions in the state of Louisiana. Louisiana Senate Bill 33 bans all abortions except to save the life of the mother and criminalizes performing abortions--anyone found guilty of performing an abortion would have to serve 1-10 years in jail and pay $10-100,000. Pay damages to whom? The state? Damaged how? An amendment to allow exceptions for rape and incest was defeated. The brilliant mind behind this bill, Sen. Ben Nevers, a man inspired by South Dakota's law, had the nerve and ignorance to say
that a woman who has been traumatized by rape should not have to be subjected to another brutal act like abortion. "I cannot justify that in my mind,"
But Sen. Joel Chaisson, who tried to get the amendment passed, said

"It would be presumptuous of me as a man to try to understand what a pregnancy from rape and incest does to a woman," Chaisson said. He said that if his wife or daughter became pregnant from a rape, he would talk with his family and priest about what alternatives existed.

"But the bottom line for me is that it is not his (a priest's) decision, it is not my decision, it is her decision," Chaisson said. "Sen. Nevers' bill makes that decision for her."

I am beyond appalled but not that surprised. I live in New Orleans, not that pukepole Nevers' Louisiana. Well before post-Katrina New Orleans, one of my deliberately kooky ideas was that New Orleans should secede from the Union and apply for international aid.

South Dakota Grandmothers Speak

By request, a bitch's thoughts on South Dakota

Pine Ridge Indian Rez to Offer Abortions

Susie Bright link to a video of S.D. pukepole Bill Napoli in a March post: Do We Really Need a South Dakota?

SD Gov. Signs Abortion Ban

The Pathetic "Plan B"

Instead of using these 30 minutes before I have to dash to campoos to grade that 4-inch stack of homework or prepare lesson plans (shit, I can just about wing it today; what'll they know?), I'm hoping that being in an office/building and on a campus next school year will help me create a Plan B. I cannot rely on the University to retain me (except out of desperation and laziness) and with the 4-4 pace, creative writing just doesn't happen (thereby risking tenure, too). I can't apply to other universities in NO b/c they are all in some form or other of disarray, firing professors left and right for the flimsiest of reasons, reducing departments with what I assume is a business model belief that all employees (except top-level administrators) are expendable and replaceable. Maybe. But in higher education? You can't just hire a professor off the street. In the fall, with 400+ freshpersons expected, the English department will have about 5 or 6 professors teaching composition. Anyone hired to fill in the gaps will be hired at the last minute with fingers crossed that the adjuncts aren't too psychotic or too incompetent. In a city with fewer and fewer 'middle class' jobs.........

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Such an Ungrateful G Bitch

HBCUs often tell their students they are not there to become millionaires (necessarily) but to contribute to the fate of Black people, the diaspora, not just themselves or their mothers but all of us, in some way great or small, DuBois' Talented Tenth. Too often, though, that urging to remember-where-you-from smacks of or is laced with a generational gap issue in some African American communities--the older folks telling the younger ones, All you do is whine and complain and we don't care b/c what WE complained about back in the day was important and all you children do is whine and moan when you are so $#&@! lucky, all said with a you-ungrateful-heathen tone and/or look. Some students are quite lucky no matter who's doing the judging. Others aren't. And if you've been working your ass off in school and at work (and elsewhere--some of our students have families/small children of their own or siblings, parents, grandparents, other extended family they help support and take care of; get and survive cancer and other draining diseases; lose loved ones and cars and apartments and pets and books and children), it's deeply insulting to be told, essentially, that you are lucky, spoiled, petty and not nearly grateful enough--I suffered, you have a baby doll picnic, I am Better. (And you're an ungrateful heathen.) As if suffering is a scorecard. Some suffering is obviously 'more'--I would never compare not having my laptop for a couple of weeks (which isn't suffering at all, just an annoyance) to the suffering of a rape victim or a child in Darfur or an Iraqi’s daily existence--but it still is not a contest to decide who's the bigger victim, the heartier survivor. A student I helped last year, not a student of my own, tried to argue with me when I told her she could not write in her argument that Black people have suffered more than any people in the history of people. We may still be suffering in many degrees but we cannot get into a pissing contest over pain. I heard a similar mental distortion from my mother, that b/c she had suffered so much as a child (physical, emotional and possibly sexual abuse), I had no right to feel I suffered at all (at her hand or anyone else's), that any of my losses mattered or caused 'enough' pain to merit notice. (Not by her but by me.) It is not the job of children or the younger generation to make any individual or older generation feel better about itself, to give that person or group some folks to look down on/feel superior to (in intelligence, in wisdom, suffering, dedication, survival skills, etc.). It's a bad idea in general. It's unfair to all involved b/c suffering, no matter what some religious people say and their myths say, does not make you noble. Especially not if you fucking expect it to. Then it can make you angry, bitter and primed to take out your suffering on someone else. Like the grad school I attended--I was supposed to be dripping with gratefulness they allowed me in their club (I was black person #2 in the current English grad program, and one of the few to ever get a teaching assistantship--the looks I got--, and the creative writing students were considered the idiot savants, heavier on the idiot, of the department). To be grateful before any benefit has accrued...stomach-turning.

Gratitude should be spontaneous and earned, not demanded or expected, and not expected or demanded of others b/c you suffered. I refuse to be grateful without cause, before cause, in spite of no cause b/c it is too familiar a position. Be grateful to someone who attacks your right to exist, tries to control and use you for her own psychodramatic needs and wants and fears and to prop up a shattered ego...Gratitude? Fuck me.

Monday, April 24, 2006

BAD teacher, BAD BAD teacher!

One thing I neglect in composition courses, or at least have for the last couple of years, is class discussion, especially of controversies and current events. Yes, even current events. Two reasons, lame as they may be: 1) out of a class of 25-30 students, about 5 will be sufficiently informed to contribute anything to a discussion; and 2) I do not want to know any more about my students' 'thought processes' than their essays and assignments already offer. Clearly falling down in my duty as Warrior of Critical Thinking but it is self-protective--far too often, I have ended class discussions shaking with anger, dismay and fear for not only the distant but immediate future b/c of what was said, what was not said, what was known and what was firmly believed despite all evidence, contradiction, common knowledge, etc. Last week, I made the necessary mistake of having my comp students search the textbook for issues of interest to them. I got the usual 10% wanting to 'write on abortion' (including a student who submitted the same abortion 'idea' that I rejected last session), a few listing the death penalty, at least one advocating stiffer punishment for juvenile offenders, a few on racial profiling in post-9/11 America, and one young woman who explained she'd like to write 'about evolution,' something she admits she 'knows little about' but is interested in researching to see why on earth it is taught in schools. (Not hers, obviously.) My advice: choose another topic. I imagine an argument like one proposed a few semesters ago by a young woman (the University is overwhelmingly female) who wanted to change her topic, 3 weeks before the portfolio was due, 4 weeks into the research period, to the 'fact' that most Americans want NO separation between church and state. As incredulous as I was, she was more so when I told her that no poll done in recent memory shows those results and that most people, religious or not, benefit from the separation of church and state and that she would find little support for that that was trustworthy or that was not right-wing, semi-fascistic propaganda (I didn't pull 'semi-fascistic' on her) and she would end up failing the paper. She wanted to argue that Americans want a theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia. Did she think she belonged in a burka? Or should be denied a university education? Or permission to drive? Marry whom she pleases? Not have her genitals carved to represent some fucked up ideal? She dropped a week later.

My students want to proselytize or Jerry Springer-ize in class. And I do not have the strength, the patience or the instant recall of facts (Robert Olen Butler says a good fiction writer has a terrible memory and I fit that 209%) to deal calmly or educationally with such moronicity. I need to learn. At least until I have a plausible Plan B to make the same salary I get teaching elsewhere. No mean feat. There is still no middle class to speak of here.

Summer creeps toward me. I think my body has suddenly realized that, unlike the past few years, nothing is winding down now for the long-needed, long-ago-earned and 2-months-too-late summer break. I can't concentrate, I can't make lesson plans, I panic at the thought of Sunday b/c Tuesday is on the way and I fear this week will end like the last 4, with me immobilized by back muscle spasms, tension building all week until it explodes in my back and shoulders. And nothing helps teaching like not being able to sit up or move your arms.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Bastard Mayoral Race of 100 Maniacs

22 mayoral candidates, 2 Republicans, 16 Democrats, 4 other/no party. Not a hundred maniacs but a smattering of them, like Kimberly Williamson Butler (upper left corner), persecuted Christian, perennial fuck-up now mayoral candidate whose latest public gaffe is her picture of herself at Disneyland rather than New Orleans. The others: Ron Forman, Rob Couhig (a Republican), current mayor Ray Nagin, Virginia Boulet, Mitch Landrieu, Peggy Wilson (another of the maniacs, proud of her race-baiting and calls to slash government while her son benefits from FEMA rent subsidies) and Rev. Tom Watson.

And the levees are finally getting inspected. Whoop-de-fucking-DOO!

Don't Know Much about Theocracy (yet)

Every semester, about 10 percent of my students want to write essays, expository or argumentative, “on abortion,” especially the “immortality” of abortion and why this “immoral” medical procedure should be illegal. I tell them to choose different topics b/c they cannot argue with religious tenets as “support” against a secular, civil law. Of that 10 percent, half capitulate and the other half refuse, filling their essays again and again with the myths of Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome, "fetal pain" and Those-Heartless-Bitches hypotheses. I warn them repeatedly that they are not creating an argument that in any way resembles what is respected/expected at the college level. And they fail the course. Of that 5 percent, many of them young women, at least 1 or 2, every semester, often the 1 or 2 who have advocated the most fundamentalist practices/concepts, confide in me near semester end that they are or suspect they are pregnant. Somehow, the stricture against premarital sex doesn’t matter but some stranger across the country getting an abortion is her business and duty to prevent. A semester later or after the summer break, they return to school noticeably flat-stomached. Like Bush and Co., they see rules as for other people, not themselves. They can screw and drink and curse and fight in the halls but if I get raped and end up pregnant, I have to carry the thing to term. They get pregnant and the pregnancy just disappears. Yeah, right.


A former student I trust and see as one of the few students I’ve had who can think (and one of the rare students who earned an A in my composition course) came to see me between classes, worried about a class and the professor teaching it. Apparently, in a world literature class (they read The Iliad, Gilgamesh, lyric poetry, The Epic of Son-Jara, The Odyssey and other stuff I read in high school), the instructor started with the Bible. Not as literature but as an article of Christian faith. There was no analysis. When my former student and a few of her friends in the class, non-Christians all, asked questions, they were criticized by fellow students, called "heathens" and eventually one of the non-Christian students, a young Muslim exchange student, was yelled at that he could NEVER understand b/c he’s Muslim and he might as well stop trying b/c it is the word of God and he doesn’t believe in God. The instructor said Hebrews invented writing to record the sacred books of the Bible. The instructor also said that the Hebrews invented the concept of the monotheistic god. Aside from that flat-out bullshit lie (or ignorance), the instructor said, when challenged that Christians throughout history had committed terrible crimes (b/c they are human, not just b/c they are Christian), that that was impossible b/c Christians weren’t like that, that Christians were good, kind and thoughtful. I was too shocked to absorb most of what my student told me so there are many more details like that that I just can’t remember. I told her to complain to the chair.

Then I complained. At first, my chair thought I was complaining that the students were saying crazed, narrow, you-can’t-question-my-faith things but when she realized it was not only the professor saying things but allowing other students to call the questioners heathens, she flipped. I was so grateful.

This instructor, in the chaos that is the post-Katrina University, despite having 3 separate email accounts (that we know of) and a computer on the desk she uses at the faculty office space, has also refused to read any emails. As a matter of policy. And this is not about computer literacy. It burns my ass that I work like 48 yoked oxen while whack jobs like this tell students, in a very un-Christ-like way, that Christians are the UberBelievers.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Which Contains the Letter "G"

I've never really liked dogs. I've met dogs I like, smart, fun to be around, better than some people I've met, but I cannot like them as a group, in a global way, even though dogs, like babies, tend to like me on sight. Dogs meet me the first time and are instantly comfortable and friendly, follow me sooner and more happily than their owners while babies smile and follow me with their eyes and can't seem to get enough of me though I am somewhat indifferent to them in a way most people think odd for a mother of one child, a mother on the cusp of perimenopause and socially-expected/mandated baby fever. The baby thing I don't get. I have some kind of dog karma and suspect that if there is some kind of recycling of 'soul' or consciousness (conscienceness?) or 'energy' that I was a dog the last time around but like all strivers am inherently, uncontrollably hostile to the group to which I no longer belong. Back off, don't you out me when I'm moving up. Something like that.


Another student problem, though not a universal one--the near-complete inability to learn, much less use, critical thinking, logic or the scientific method. I have been told by a student, with others nodding agreement, that the 'scientific method' is against his religion. He also spoke proudly, with a chorus of nodders, of his Southern-Baptist-drenched public school--Jesus, Bible Club, prayers in assemblies and class and counseling--driving away a Jewish teacher, proud that the teacher felt so uncomfortable he didn't last the school year. Some seem to not be able to operate on anything but 'faith,' no matter how illogical or detrimental to their goals.

And far too many of them want to be public school teachers.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kweshuns abeut Sillbish on

I once caught a plagiarizing student (4th time that semester and on an exit exam) because the student not only spelled "unnecessarily" correctly but also punctuated it correctly. I've caught other students because of compound-complex sentences that weren't mixed constructions, scattered with commas or lacking any punctuation. One plagiarized paper spoke about Tupac Shakur in the present tense and not as a typo. But the real thing that gets me are the constant, seemingly ingrained and impossible-to-change errors. Every year the errors get worse and even though I give out a 2-page handout on common errors in general and errors I'd give my oh-so-loved clitoris never to see again, I see over and over and over and over:

  • everyday instead of every day
  • several used instead of few or many (as in Several people go to my church or Several students go to college every year to earn degrees)
  • apart instead of a part
  • highschool instead of high school
  • bias instead of biased (as in He was bias against our team)
  • were mixed up with where (new this year)
  • are for or (also new)
  • alot
  • woman and women used interchangeably (when they are used at all--see next item)
  • females instead of women (as in Lots of females get abortions to skip out on their responsibilities)
  • than used interchangeably with then
  • conscience and conscious (as in He lost conscienceness immediately)
  • lose and loose
  • accept and except
  • religious arguments made without once capitalizing he, his, god or the bible
  • your and you're
  • using NO apostrophes at all for 3+ pages
  • break and brake
  • perform and preform (as in There are doctors that preform abortions)
  • study's and studies (if apostrophes are used at all)
trish reminded me of another common error: there, they're and their used interchangably. My students mostly use their for everything. As if a sentence like Their waiting for their luggage to get their makes any damn sense. I could just smack them.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Future Still Will Not Occur

The new session started today (I like a TR schedule--Sunday is less panicked and Monday is less Monday than Tuesday) and I've found myself rehearsing policies/procedures/syllabus threats like You can fail this class, and Don't think I can't tell you're not reading the book; as short as this 'semester' is, you read the book and understand it or you fail the course, and If I tell you to go to the writing center and/or get tutoring, do so or you will fail the course, the theme of failure-- the final F, the 0 on the assignment or 40 points off the late essay and one-comma-wrong-on-the- bib-and-it's-all-wrong said while staring out the top of my glasses for a full 20 or 30 seconds before leaning away with a slight smirk of knowing. Then an, Oh, yeah, you can pass without doing the homework but it's not likely you will. Questions about the syllabus?

I have one class with 2 students. It's essentially an independent study. I could even bring them to my house. I don't know about that, though. Most people I know still haven't been in my house, lots of people I mostly trust, too. But it is oddly informal and flexible post-Kat with family, friends and neighbors on couches and people camping out in half-gutted (or gutted--see below) houses--my mother's 'office' (a drafting table she has piled with paper, envelopes, calendars, coupons, catalogues, Mardi Gras decorations, paperwork, folders, pens, pencils, receipts, photocopies, and other stuff I refuse to get close enough to see and understand) and the perpetually-open sofabed in The Girl's room aren't quite half a skipped step.

Action Report: Woman lives in gutted home, waiting for FEMA trailer

11:09 AM CST on Friday, March 31, 2006

By Bill Capo / WWL-TV Action Reporter

As FEMA officials point the finger at Entergy for moving some residents into their travel trailers, that answer has not been good enough for those living in their cars or in gutted houses, who've been left wondering how long it would take to get some peace of mind by having a roof over their heads.

One of the many victims of Hurricane Katrina living without a trailer is Sharon, a school teacher, who's been forced to live in her hurricane damaged house. The downstairs has been gutted and the upstairs had so many roof leaks she has to sleep on a mattress on the floor. She's had to use a cooler as her refrigerator. Candles and battery operated lights are her only sources of light in the house.

She asked FEMA for a trailer last October.

She lost her job after Katrina. When the contractors eventually take down her damaged ceilings, she won't even be able to live in her damaged house, but has no idea when the FEMA trailer will arrive.

"I've worked 31 years for New Orleans Public Schools and I've always taken care of myself. And now I'm unemployed, I was forced into retirement, and I'm having to live like this," Sharon said.

Sharon is not alone. Many people have called the Action Line and said they also applied for trailers weeks or even months ago. Now all of those calls have been given to the agency, but FEMA officials said some people still have a long wait.

"I think we're looking at eight to ten weeks more of rolling trailers out," said Stephen DeBlasio, FEMA Deputy Operations Chief.

FEMA's top trailer expert in Louisiana said the agency's contractors were delivering 4,500 trailers per day in the state, but the demand far exceeded what the agency was asked to do after Florida's disastrous 2004 hurricane season.

"We thought Florida was unprecedented and monumental, and it was at the time. But you know what, after I rolled out 16,000 units, and went home in December, we were pretty much done. At this point, we're over 54,000 units out there occupied in the state of Louisiana," DeBlasio said.

DeBlasio said the eventual total could reach more than 90,000 and asked for understanding from those still on the waiting list.

"I tell them to try to bear with us and be patient, and if there are extreme circumstances that we need to be aware of, I encourage them to either call the 888 travel trailer number, or call the 1-800 FEMA number," DeBlasio said.

He said he understands that for people like Sharon, waiting even one more day is intolerable, but that has done the best he can in an overwhelming situation.

[Warning: you have to register with WWL-TV to read the articles. They suck.]

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Thorough Lack of Understanding

Like Angry Professor, I feel odd posting students' exact written words but I am almost done grading for this session....She writes in her submission letter that sublcaims, support, warrants and backing are still all the same to her. Then I come across this in her researched argument essay 'titled' Homosexuality/Same Sex Marriage:
This man chose to secrete his sexual preference.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Here!

This is better than my idea of everyone in NO at a certain time (like noon) all shouting, blowing car horns and whistles, banging pots and pans, making any kind of noise possible like the Whos in Whoville--We are here, we are here, we are here! Tell EVERY- and ANYONE you know to do this. If you don't have any beads (and if I had more/any money, I’d send 'em out to you), improvise with anything like beads or just write BEADS on index cards. Even though the Army Corps of Engineers has 'admitted' that you could say there was a design flaw in the 17th St. Canal levee (2 levees breached, mind you, but the head can only sort of admit to one), Congress and the White House are still playing how-hard-can-brown-folks-beg with New Orleans redevelopment funding. Without repaired levees, there can be no flood maps which means there can be not only no redevelopment but no flood or homeowners insurance, no house sales or purchases, no more gutting and certainly no rebuilding.

Even if you don't care about NO (and if you don't care about brown people, like I say to students who don't do the assignments, Don't fucking tell me!), think about what natural disaster might hit your area and how this administration and Congress would react. Or not react, in this case.

Look at the video, find some beads and an envelope.

(I feel like I am screaming in the middle of the street, clothes ripped, tearing out my own hair, face distorted and turning colors--which I am light brown enough to do, thank you very much.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It Could Be But Is Not the End

Usually I stop meeting with my composition and creative writing classes 2 weeks before the term ends to allow time for conferences, portfolio work and revisions. That's what I say anyway. The real reason is I am sick of them. In the beginning of the semester, they are sick of me, dislike me (like one said yesterday, "At first, y'know, I thought you was really mean and didn't play but as I gots to know you, y'know, you nice, really"), fear me but by the last few weeks, they love to stop me wherever and chat or hang around after their conferences or after submitting their portfolios. I try to be friendly (esp. with the University chaos and the neediness of our students) but what I'm really thinking (and what I say to the few students I really trust) is, Get away from me, motherfuckers, I'm DONE with you, go away, go the fuck far away. By the time they like me, I'm past done.

I did get a contract. I will be tenure-track again, my old salary and it's possible my department will be in a building this time instead of being the only department on campus in "temporary" trailers (we spent 3 years in that trailer and were starting our 4th when Katrina rolled through--and wouldn't you know that crappy little trailer survived unscathed?). Seniors have just learned that graduation will not be on campus as they had been promised. It sounds small but the on-campus location allowed students to invite several people to the ceremony, a big deal for black folks--when a child is graduating from college, and may be the very first to do so (esp. at the University), EVERYbody comes, from Mom to Mom's best friend's grandmother to 3rd cousins from the West Coast you've never even met, all there dressed in their best, smiling, waving, taking pictures, crying, shouting for joy, tooting whistles when their special little girl's or boy's name is called. It has truly broken some hearts.

There will be a campus again. Most people let go will not be hired back. It will be a tough and lean year. I just hope there are computers and/or paper this time.

Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck, Eats Like a Duck = Rapist

This is a blog so I don't have to go by that innocent-until-proven-guilty jazz (though I love that tune dearly)--on trial for rape in South Africa, Former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma, former head of South Africa's National AIDS Council, testified with what I imagine was a straight face that he thought the young woman he raped in his home wanted sex with him because she talked to him about not having a boyfriend and wore a skirt to his home. The woman has known Mr. Zuma since she was a child and is HIV-positive. Despite that, and despite being the head of the National AIDS Council, he testified he did not use a condom, and she didn't ask that he use one:

he believed the risk of a man being infected by a woman is statistically lower than a woman picking up the virus from a man.

"I knew that the risk I was taking was not a great risk," Zuma replied when asked why he did not behave more responsibly.


"Normally when she came to visit she would be wearing (pants). But on the day in question, she was wearing a skirt and her legs were exposed," he said. "That gave me an indication that she was expecting me to be of some assistance to her."

Assistance = sex? Huh? The woman, a survivor of child rape, froze when he came into the guest bedroom in which she was sleeping. I guess to him her lack of movement was further encouragement.

The idea that a skirt equals sexual availability, that a woman raped as a child would want sex with a man she saw as a father figure, that a woman who is a lesbian would want to fuck a man twice her age--the usual rapist thinking along the lines of all women want it, no means yes, men can't control themselves, and she looked at me so I knew she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. There's plenty written about rape myths and thinking so I won't; Google it and see for yourself.

This is almost as bad as the Homeland Security deputy press secretary busted yesterday for talking dirty with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. Must be a Republican political appointee--who else would think he could get away with sending porn and explicit suggestions to a 14-year-old girl over the Internet? The articles I've read don't say he's married. If he is, I'm guessing he won't be for long.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on Your Way Out, Pissant!

Tom DeLay will retire from the House. I'll be having an extra margarita to celebrate. Some links to help you gloat:

Chronology of Events: the rise and fall of the God-fearin', God-lovin' pissant exterminator

DeLay Reaction (ha-ha!)

DeLay Decides to End Career in Congress

DeLay: "We Have Had An Effect On The Culture Of Washington, D.C."..."I Can Continue To Be A Leader Of The Conservative Cause"...

I feel safer already.

Update: see and hear Chris Matthews kissing up to DeLay. Oh, and Mr. DeLay, there is something "worse than a woman know-it-all"--a crooked, hypocritical, smirking, fascistic representative in a democratic country.

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Zimbabwean women want Dignity.Period!

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