Thursday, August 17, 2006

And I Thought My Employer Was a #@&$*!

Employer Advises Dumpster-Diving for Axed Workers, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle 's From the "booklet...part of a 150-page packet to ground workers, such as baggage handlers, whose jobs will likely be cut after their union agreed to allow the airline to outsource some of their work":
  • The four-page booklet, "Preparing for a Financial Setback" contained suggestions such as shopping in thrift stores, taking "a date for a walk along the beach or in the woods" and not being "shy about pulling something you like out of the trash." [emphasis added--would you go on a date in the woods alone without the National Guard?]
  • "If you have saved some money, pat yourself on the back -- you deserve it," the booklet reads. "Take out only what you need and spend prudently."


Blogger CrankyProf said...

I wonder if the sleazeball CEOs get a copy -- or follow those rules -- when they get axed.

Thu Aug 17, 09:42:00 PM  
Blogger Sly Civilian said...

How did i know that it was Minnesota's very own NorthWorst airlines before i even clicked the link?

The way they managed to defang their unions is a text book case of why labor should never give an inch.

Fri Aug 18, 10:30:00 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

How depressing, but even worse, not surprising.

Mon Aug 21, 02:53:00 PM  

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