Monday, October 02, 2006


First, go read Debrisville meets the Jetsons and we all lose our parking at Wet Bank Guide, there's another one born every minute at dangerblond's and Residents call trash pickup a mess. Include the Wet Bank Guide comments or you only get half the picture. I almost broke a tooth I was so pissed. We can talk automation after I get recycling back.

Next, look at this morning's Health plan urged for La.'s kids. It sounded great, until I got to

The most controversial part of the plan would likely be the "individual mandate" requiring private coverage for children in households with incomes above three times the federal poverty rate. About 14,000 children would fall into this category, according to the policy paper.

To help those families afford coverage, the state could negotiate with private insurers to provide low-cost policies that provide basic coverage. Another option is to let wealthier families buy into the LaCHIP program. [If these things actually happen along with this mandate, I might ungrit my teeth. Either of these sound like good ways to work toward universal coverage.]

[Health and Hospitals Secretary Fred] Cerise said he expects the individual mandate to be controversial, but that it's the only way to achieve universal coverage.

"If you are going to . . . cover the entire population, then the only way to get there is with a mandate, because (otherwise) you're going to always have people who opt out," he said. "With kids, we think that's a legitimate policy discussion to have."

It's not always an "option" to not insure yourself or your child; sometimes it is a financial decision, rather than a "policy discussion." It worries me when the state, any state, decides it will tell people what they can afford. This is not the answer to locking Charity.


Blogger mominem said...

That is a truly scary thought.

If Bill Gates were in Lousisna would he have to pay for his children to be insured?

Mon Oct 02, 05:21:00 PM  
Blogger Mister said...

According to, the 2005 poverty rate for a family of 4 was $19,350, so triple would be $58,050. As everyone knows the "federal poverty rate" is a crock. Let's just hope that family of 4 is 2 parents and 2 kids with at least one of the parents getting health insurance at work. Because if it's coming out of pocket, it won't be happening. To take punative measures against this family would be to criminalize their honest attempt at cracking into the middle class.

Reminds me of the Louisiana Road Home Program's penalizing those "homeowners" who actually had homeowner's and/or flood insurance. (And worse, the Program just shrugs off the renters. If that.)

Like we're all trying to get over on them--our decent, hard working and trustworthy public servants. The cowards are only any good at picking on people who are already down.

Nah, not brimming with optimism. Humane universal healthcare--in Louisiana?

Mon Oct 02, 06:51:00 PM  
Blogger The Combat Philosopher said...

Err, where did this 'only way' crap come from? There are many places with Universal health care, where no such mandate exists. Take much of Europe, or Canada for examples. There health care is affordable, due to the advantages of economies of scale. They also do not have to fight with a complex mess of crooked insurers. In fact, in most places with universal care, the amount paid is either pegged to income, or is based on a flat rate that is waived for people of low income and special circumstances.

This proposal is just Republican crap, designed to make business a fortune and screw the little people. Do these people really think that we are that stupid? Sheesh!

The CP

Mon Oct 02, 07:26:00 PM  
Blogger E.J. said...

"If you are going to . . . cover the entire population, then the only way to get there is with a mandate, because (otherwise) you're going to always have people who opt out."

UMMM, NOT IF YOU JUST MAKE IT FREE, DIPSHIT. IF IT'S SO CHEAP TO INSURE KIDS, THEN WHY DOESN'T THE STATE JUST INSURE ALL OF THEM? And this is part of Blanco's brilliant scheme to get elected? It's only Tuesday, and the news in the paper from Monday and today generated enough rage to last me at least through Columbus Day. dammit

Wed Oct 04, 12:18:00 AM  
Blogger G Bitch said...

I can't seem to get from Monday to Tuesday without fury either, ej.

Wed Oct 04, 07:21:00 AM  

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