Saturday, April 15, 2006

Which Contains the Letter "G"

I've never really liked dogs. I've met dogs I like, smart, fun to be around, better than some people I've met, but I cannot like them as a group, in a global way, even though dogs, like babies, tend to like me on sight. Dogs meet me the first time and are instantly comfortable and friendly, follow me sooner and more happily than their owners while babies smile and follow me with their eyes and can't seem to get enough of me though I am somewhat indifferent to them in a way most people think odd for a mother of one child, a mother on the cusp of perimenopause and socially-expected/mandated baby fever. The baby thing I don't get. I have some kind of dog karma and suspect that if there is some kind of recycling of 'soul' or consciousness (conscienceness?) or 'energy' that I was a dog the last time around but like all strivers am inherently, uncontrollably hostile to the group to which I no longer belong. Back off, don't you out me when I'm moving up. Something like that.


Another student problem, though not a universal one--the near-complete inability to learn, much less use, critical thinking, logic or the scientific method. I have been told by a student, with others nodding agreement, that the 'scientific method' is against his religion. He also spoke proudly, with a chorus of nodders, of his Southern-Baptist-drenched public school--Jesus, Bible Club, prayers in assemblies and class and counseling--driving away a Jewish teacher, proud that the teacher felt so uncomfortable he didn't last the school year. Some seem to not be able to operate on anything but 'faith,' no matter how illogical or detrimental to their goals.

And far too many of them want to be public school teachers.


Blogger Bardiac said...

Proud of driving away a Jewish teacher. /sigh That just depresses me, perhaps because it sounds like what would happen around here, too.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Sat Apr 15, 04:49:00 PM  
Blogger Professor Zero said...

HI, this isn't about this post in particular, it's about your blog in general, which I just found. It's excellent. I'm putting it on my very short list of Best Academic Blogs.

Sat Apr 15, 05:40:00 PM  

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