Saturday, March 25, 2006

Margaritas as Coping Strategy: Where I Live at

As grim as it is--the better-employed and -housed returned first and to jobs (most of us/them, anyway) while the less-well-employed and -housed and -funded struggle an even harder struggle states away from home, home climate, family or even familiar faces, smells and tastes:

Evacuees' Lives Still Upended Seven Months After Hurricane


One expert says 17 named storms this coming hurricane season:

A Colorado State University hurricane expert is predicting 17 named storms for the upcoming 2006 hurricane season, higher than the number of storms he predicted at this time last year. ....


Waste Management thinks it's doing just fine:
Orleans council scolds garbage hauler
The council has no power over this contract, of course.


CH2M Hill has backed out of a stanky "deal" to tow and store the approximate 30, 000 flooded and junked cars littering corners and the empty spaces under highways and overpasses:

Firm backs out of flooded car pact

Oh, they want the city to get a better deal? ??


Even 4-year olds scream, "I Hate FEMA!":
Wait for trailers drags on

.... (lick salt, gulp)

Levees get less scrutiny than dams: Critics note disparity in corps' standards

It wasn’t Katrina, it was the levees, stupid.


When The Girl had to list at school what she lost in Katrina, she wrote, “My grandmother’s house, my doctor.” It nearly broke my heart b/c we are/were so damn lucky.

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