Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Choice

Every Wednesday and Friday, I get lunch at the same mall food court sushi place. The sushi is freshly made with lots of wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce on the side. I get the vegetable roll (rice, seaweed, asparagus, avocado and, if the owner's wife is there, a sprinkling of sesame seeds) and edamame (they are DIVine, you must try them--get them frozen, boil until the pods are no longer bright green, sprinkle with salt, pop the beans out of the pods, yum!) every time. It's the only vegan meal in the mall near the hotel campoos. She finally asked last week if I "ate no meat at all." My usual riff is that I had a low-paying job and couldn't afford what I thought of as "enough" meat, investigated vegetarian eating, got repulsed by the meat industry and transitioned over 3 years to ovo-lacto and now am a barely-lactose-tolerant almost vegan who knows mearly every vegan meal (all 10 of them) in town.

The Girl has never eaten meat. As a toddler, she called meat "dead animal" (to the chagrin of adults) and called McDonald's, Burger King, etc. "dead animal stores." Once, a mom during a play date offered her a hot dog. The Girl got it near her mouth and smelled the difference. Her favorite fast meal is Amy's Soy Cheeze Pizza. She peels and trims her own carrots. She is rediscovering edamame. She loves animals and talks about them as if they are as rich in personality, feeling and sensation as her classmates. (More, at times.) I was determined to raise her vegetarian. Her first post-breast milk foods were vegetables and grains, then protein foods (soft silken tofu was the perfect baby food--bland and impossible to choke on) and grains and lastly fruits. She despises carbonated drinks and calls Sunny D and Capri Sun "sugar water."

We are not totally vegan, though; we have pizza every 2 months or so and still have leather shoes and eat honey. I imagine, though, that The Girl will surpass us one day and take the next step.
edited 3/23/06, pic changed 3/25/06


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