Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yes, There Is an Election Saturday

Thursday evening, WWNO featured the first of two interviews with Jim Brandt of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana about the 13 amendments on the slate Saturday. Schroeder has written about the piss-poor job local radio generally does in serving the community and I won't disagree with him. Thursday before the election is kind of late to start talking.

Thursday, Brandt discussed Amendments 1-3; Friday, he'll cover Amendments 4-13 in the same amount of time. The PDF of the PAR report explains each amendment without making recommendations. With a limited time in the booth and a lot of fucked-out legislative "language" to read (it makes sense but I'm an English teacher and a writer and a word freak), you just can't make a decent decision at the moment. (Not that you ever can.) Low turnout, low interest/apathy, lack of apparent choices...we have half the population and all the same problems.

Brandt made the point that with voter turnout expected to be around 15%, it will only take a little over 7% of voters to change the state constitution. Start trembling now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! for the links to election info because for some reason no one else is talking about it. and call me anal or obsessive but i like to know what i'm voting for or against.

Sat Sep 30, 08:24:00 AM  

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