Friday, June 09, 2006

“another gutless Republican worm”

I do not watch CNN news but I'm loving Jack Cafferty. His “The Cafferty File” pops up during Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room” (what a melodramatic, flaming name) and it is a joy to watch. I catch him on Crooks and Liars. (I am not about to watch any more Wolf Blitzer in this or any other lifetime.) Wednesday’s clip (QuickTime or Windows) is a beauty. To whet the appetite:

In the end, Senator Specter has turned out to be yet another gutless Republican worm cowering in the face of pressure from the administration and fellow Republicans. There are not going to be any hearings. Americans won't find out if their privacy is being illegally invaded.

You know what the Senate Judiciary Committee settled for instead? Senator Orrin Hatch said he has won assurances from Vice President Dick Cheney that the White House will review proposed changes to the law that would restrict certain aspects of the NSA program.

Dick Cheney is going to decide if it's OK to spy on American citizens without a warrant. And this worthless bunch of senators has agreed to let him do it. It's a disgrace.

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