Friday, May 26, 2006

The Duck Crosses the Street Grammar Review: Answers

  1. "Only _a foolish, overconfident rapist_ (head: rapist; subject; a: indefinite article D) would enter _the room of his victim_ (head: room, direct object; embedded NP _his victim_, head: victim, object of a preposition; the: definite article D, his: possessive pronoun D), not knowing if _she_ (embedded NP; subject) would shout or scream," _he_ (subject) said.

  2. _He_ (subject) also said he found _the woman's actions_ (head: actions; direct object; the: definite article D) inconsistent with those of _a real rape victim_ (head: victim; object of preposition; a: indefinite article D).

  3. _She_ (subject) didn't call _anyone_ (direct object) after _the alleged attack_ (head: attack; object of preposition; the: definite article D), _he_ (subject) said

  4. _She_ (subject) didn't shower.

  5. And _van der Merwe_ (subject) said _he_ (subject) didn't believe _her account_ (head: account; direct object; her: possessive pronoun D) that _she_ (subject of relative clause) "froze" when _she_ (subject) discovered _Zuma_ (direct object) assaulting _her_ (indirect object--I think).

Which of any of the above are: gerundive noun phrases? Infinitival noun phrases? None.

Identify all determiners (D), predeterminers (PD) and postdeterminers (POD) in the NPs above.


Blogger Bardiac said...

Wow, heck of a grammar review.

I think that last "her" is a direct object of "assault." But I'm not at all sure.

Fri May 26, 07:01:00 PM  

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